Monday, June 8, 2009

Guest Post from Sara Bennett

I asked Sara Bennett to write a brief description of her blog, Stop Homework. Sara has become a friend over the past two years and has helped me and continues to advise me on issues like homework, education, & parenting. Check out her blog, she's running a series of interviews this week that are worth reading. This is from Sara:

"I started my website, <> in August, 2006, right before The Case Against Homework was going to hit the bookstores. I wanted people who read the book and felt motivated to do something to have a place to turn, so they could connect with other parents and educators interested in the topic, share ideas, and seek help from me if they wanted. After a few months, I was approached by a small private foundation, which liked my ideas and offered me funding. At that point, I conceived of Stop Homework as something a little bigger than my website. I affiliated with the Alliance for Childhood, devoted more of my time to it, and was much more available to help people advocate in their own communities. The public face of Stop Homework is still my web site, but I have been a behind-the-scenes advisor to many people who have been involved in changing policy in their own communities, including parents, teachers, principals, and School Board members."

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