Friday, July 17, 2009

Associated Press story on homework

A couple weeks ago, a photographer came to my home and took photos of me, one of my sons, and my dog for a story on homework. My other son was out of the country that day, or he would have been included, too. I've added the link to this article on the sidebar of this blog, but you can also check it out here:


  1. Hi Kerry,

    Nice article. I found it interesting that one parent interviewed for the article said that less homework might contribute to lazy parenting. I feel the opposite way. First, sometimes there is so much homework that there is no time for those valuable family discussions she mentions. Second, it requires more parenting to come up with your own topics and activities to share with your children. If they are saddled with excessive homework, you are free to do what ever you want to do while the children are kept quite and separated doing homework for hours. Excessive homework makes parents have to choose between the unhealthy effects of allowing their children to have too little sleep, to ask children to pitch in and help with chores or have a leisurely dinner.

    Adequate family time and healthy amounts of sleep (10-11 hours until adolescence, then 9 1/4 hours) should not be a luxury, but a given.

    Thnak you for sharing the article.

  2. A very thought provoking blog,homework is way of gaining extra knowledge,but it is very time consuming and exhausting.I would suggest using flashcards since they are very informative and is a fun activity.By having some fun you are also learning.