Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Start Singing

I met with Robin Kelley yesterday and she said something I thought was worth writing about. Robin is a passionate student advocate and coordinator of EPIC (Empowering Parents Involving Community) at San Ramon Valley High School. She finds speakers to give lectures about raising healthy, well-balanced children. When I asked Robin if she ever got frustrated about the fact that most people who attend these parenting conferences are already informed, caring parents and often it feels like “preaching to the choir,” she said no, that the attendees are not always the same, but even if they were “preaching to the choir, it’s time for the choir to start singing.”

I loved that analogy because those of us who are concerned, informed parents, teachers and students can start “singing” or letting people know (politely!) that even though things look pretty great in this community, there are still real problems that need to be addressed here.

In our very own school district, we have suicides, murder, substance abuse, student stress, depression, childhood obesity, anorexia, academic cheating, high homework rates, drop outs, etc… just like in many other places in the US. These issues cross socio-economic lines. These issues can’t be ignored.

So how can we “start singing” about these issues and start making change? Taking a friend to a lecture or film about these issues is one place to start. Having conversations with people you socialize with is another way to bring these issues to light. Reading books about these issues (see my sidebar for a list). Telling people about this blog (or any of the blogs I have listed on the sidebar) is another great way to get the word out.

Here is information about the upcoming EPIC lecture:

SRVHS EPIC Healthy Choices

proudly present

Dr. Peter Benson

President and CEO, The Search Institute


"All Kids are Our Kids"

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 at 7PM

San Ramon Valley High School PAC/Commons

Dr. Benson, author of "All Kids are Our Kids,"* will share the 40 Developmental Assets, a framework of building blocks that empower our students' development as people of confidence, character, and compassion.


His presentation will encourage parents, educators and community members to partner together helping students recognize and develop their personal "sparks," the strengths with which every student in our community is uniquely gifted that enables him or her to thrive.

Dr. Benson will offer insights into how we as a community can be more intentional about parenting, mentoring, employing, coaching, teaching and engaging our students in ways that will enhance their personal potential based on utilizing the assets and discovering the "sparks"in their lives.

Parents and Students are encouraged to join us for an informative and enlightening evening, including Q&A and discussion time with Dr. Benson and other community partners as we look at how to become a community that is proactive in embracing "All Kids are Our Kids!"

A $5 donation will be accepted at the door

Please Pre-register at rsvp4


Contact Alyson Colton, or Robin Kelley, kelleyview@msn. com

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  1. I like that, too. Recently, I was telling someone I sound like a broken record and he reminded me that I may sound like a broken record to myself but to a person who's hearing me for the first time, I sound like a new record.