Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SAT Prep Scam

A parent of a junior in high school just sent me this information I thought was good to share:

Someone from Dallas, Texas may call your house and pretend to be from College Board or any other college prep company. They will tell you that your child has requested and ordered some prep materials for the SAT and ACT and that the materials are in the mail and they need your credit card payment for the amount of $129. If you ask where all of this was ordered, they will say that your child has fill out a card at school for it or at a college fair.

I called the high school to report the scam and College Board. I was told by College Board that they never call their customers and if you ordered something online you would have to pay first before they send the materials. They said to be very wary of people calling and pretending to be someone from their company.

The telephone number from Dallas, Texas is 1 469 547-6860 and if you try to call this number there is no connection. They called me several times and I am glad that I felt uncomfortable so I did not gave them any of my payment info.
Here is a related article and a section from the Today Show about this scam.

Any comments? Has anyone else come across this?


  1. Happened to me last year! They said my daughter signed up for the materials/prep at the high school....I informed them that she was a minor and I had not approved anything. Of course my daughter denied ever having seen any info or booth or anything else...and now I know why!

  2. It happen to us also. I was suspicious due to the fact that my daughter was only in 7th grade. Be careful they are very convincing. They make themselves sound like they are calling from your school.
    Thank you for sending out this article.

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