Monday, September 19, 2011

Cell Phones in the Classroom

I think cell phones should be allowed in schools and should be used in productive ways in the classroom. It seems silly to me that cell phones aren't integrated into schools already, especially Smart Phones.

Here's an article I found that supports my view:

The Value of Using Cell Phones to Enhance Education and Some Concrete Ways to Do So

And, here is a sample from that article:

10 Ideas for Using Cell Phones in Education

  1. Student response polling or pop quizzes (no need to invest in additional devices)
  2. Use sms to find definitions, currency conversion, math equations, translation and more
  3. Use as an internet browser to access endless information
  4. Research
  5. Read news articles and current events
  6. Read books
  7. Download and use education programs such as Google Maps and use as GPS
  8. Use as a digital or video camera to accompany school projects, publishing, etc.
  9. Educate students on appropriate and acceptable social use
  10. Use the voice technology to share engaging lectures or lessons

What do you think? What other technological advances would you like to see in schools?


  1. I completely agree, as long as students are engaged in an activity. It takes a pretty compelling teacher and student-centered activity to ensure the use of the smart phone for the activity and not for multi-tasking that has been proven to lessen brain function. I allow students to use an e-book in my class. Tablets and iPads are perfect for this. Polling on phones is a great way to meet students where they are already--texting. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint.


  3. My daughter is allowed to use her cell phone in her art class to listen to music. However, she just got a detention for "texting' on that same phone in that same class. The challenge would be discern if the student is misusing the device.