Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Suggestions

The high school my son attends sent out this email at the end of the school year.  

Summer Enrichment Information
Research says that summer activities have a direct impact on student's performance during the next school year. We recommend the 1,2,3 approach.

1 Trip
2 Books
3 Cultural Activities

Our teachers have come up with a few suggestions that might help you out:

Books To Read

Mind Gym by Gary Mack
Survival of the Sickest: Sharon Moalem
The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings
The Fault in Our Stars & Looking for Alaska by John Green
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Theatre and Its Double by Antoine Artaud
Shakespeare, the Invention of the Human by Harold Bloom
The Empty Space by Peter Brook
The Other Way by Charles Marowitz
The Craftsmen of Dionysus by Jerome Rockwood

Cultural Activities

Monterey Aquarium
New Exploratorium
San Jose Tech Museum
Oakland & SF Zoo
Mexican Museum at Fort Mason, S.F.
de young Museum, S.F. - Art of the Americas Exhibit
Oakland Museum - Gallery of California History. See the American Indian Collections
City College of San Francisco - Diego Rivera Pan American Unity Mural
Read in Spanish or English - Cajas De Carton/ The Circuit : Stories From the Life of a Migrant Child by Francisco Jimenez
Ballet Flamenco, Danville Village Theatre
Macbeth - Shakespeare in the Park
Romeo & Juliet - Cal Shakes
Lindsey Wildlife Museum
National/state parks

While I feel all of these are great suggestions, I'm going to repost a few paragraphs I recently wrote about summertime activities here:

If you have the luxury of spending time with your kids this summer, do so. Ditch the expensive summer camps and instead do healthy, inexpensive activities with your kids or encourage them to play with others in the unstructured, unscheduled hours of the summer days ahead. Some of my boys' (now ages 17 and 19) favorite summertime activities were riding bikes into town, going to the parks, street roller hockey, playing catch, kicking a soccer ball, going to the pool, building forts out of cushions, drawing, painting, setting up a tent in the back yard, playing legos, watching movies, having sleepovers, cooking, baking, walking the dog, catching crawdads in the local creek, taking the dog to a lake to swim, shooting hoops, building skateboard ramps, going to the beach, setting up a lemonade stand, etc...

Enjoy thinking about your summer and don't stress about it. Don't feel guilty if your kids aren't enrolled in a bunch of organized summertime camps or activities or if you aren't planning a super-cool family vacation. You have this summer only once in their lifetimes...enjoy the quiet, unhurried, fun, creative moments you witness or experience with them.  Stay-cations can be just as memorable and rewarding as vacations.

And, I'd like to add to that - try any new activity.  If your child or teen has never tried yoga, for instance, check out local yoga classes.  If you live in my area, go to my kid's yoga blog to see the hours I teach kid's and teen's yoga.  KT Yoga.  

And sleep!  These kids are growing and need their sleep.  They (like many of us) don't get enough sleep and are too over scheduled.  Let them sleep in and nap this summer if your time permits.  

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