Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grass Roots Groups to Discuss Homework Issues

I recently received this email:

"I am amazed at how my son is drowning in homework this year. Is there a group of people at Monte Vista High who are working toward or vocalizing the need to reduce the homework load? I was thinking of talking to the administration but wanted to check with you to see if you know of a more effective way to approach this issue. It is really quite ridiculous!"

Perhaps this blog can become a way for people, especially those in the SRVUSD, to connect and form small groups around the issue of homework.

A small group can make a powerful change. In 2007 I invited ten friends to my home to discuss "The Homework Myth" and that led to my friend Julie and I taking our concerns to the district. A few months later a homework task force group was formed that rewrote the old, outdated policy. I was lucky enough to be on the task force. Now I think our policy is better, but can still be improved on.

See the side bar for a link to our current policy. You can always refer to the policy when talking to teachers or administrators with your homework concerns.

To my readers with students in any school in the SRVUSD: feel free to contact me at kerryleadickinson@gmail.com with your homework concerns. Let me know what school you or your children attend and I will put you in touch with each other.

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