Monday, June 3, 2013

Ken Robinson TED talk

Check out this intelligent, funny and provocative 19 minute Sir Ken Robinson TED talk.

Some quotes from the TED talk:

  • America spends more money on education than many other countries
  • Education is based on conformity
  • 10% of kids are being diagnosed with ADHD - I don't believe it's an epidemic
  • Children are suffering from "childhood"
  • If you can light the spark of curiosity, children will learn
  • Curiosity is the engine of achievement
  • There is no education system in the world that is better than its teachers
  • If there's no learning going on, there's no education going on
  • You can be engaged in the activity of something but not really achieving it, like dieting
  • The dominant culture of education is about testing
  • Testing should support learning, not replace it
  • Human life is inherently creative
  • One role of education is to awaken creativity
  • The role of command and control doesn't work in education
  • There is wonderful work happening in this country in spite of the dominant education culture
  • Education is not a mechanical system, it's a human system
  • Alternative education programs are personalized with strong teacher support
  •  The culture of the school is essential


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